Наши волонтёры никогда не сидят на месте! Каждый вторник в 16:00 в American Space and Makerspace Dushanbe Tajikistan Вас ждет тренинг про ЗОЖ и ВИЧ/СПИД от мегакрутых тренеров оранжевой семьи.Приходите и вы, мы ждём всех заинтересованных каждый вторник в 16:00 в ASD!

И помните , Y-PEER — это возможности!


To be able to use experience, you need experience.
For most of us, the experience is the stern lights of the ship, which illuminate only the distance traveled.
Conducting a club in American Space and Makerspace Dushanbe Tajikistan on Healthy Lifestyle, which includes HIV / AIDS, Gender Equality and HLS have spent time reproductively. Every time I get a new experience. THANK YOU for this opportunity. Y-PEER TAJIKISTAN